A rather incomplete overview of things achieved.

All my open–source Github repositories

Pulse for the Commodore VIC-20

This is a shoot–'em–up for an hopelessly outdated but very important computer: the Commodore VIC–20. Forget Apple, Microsoft and Facebook! Commodore has been the company which set billions of minds on fire and which also built the first online social network in the 1980's. It went down with marketing monkeys in only for the money.

I wrote Pulse in January 2014 and it got incredible reviews stating things like "We thought we plugged in the wrong machine!", "A miracle!" or "Unforgettable atmosphere!". It just happened because no–one told me that it's impossible to make. This kind of success got me hooked to experimenting a little more with the VIC–20 like playing audio from datassette like a regular music cassette.

Here's an interview with me about Pulse.

Pulse has been sold as a physical tape release in spring 2016 thanks to additional artwork provided by Anders Persson, Bryan Henry and Lukas Ramolla and lots of other tools provided by the lovely folks over at the VIC-20 Denial forum.

Github repository of the free version Youtube video of the tape version

CJX – CoffeeScript, jQuery and XML combined

An attempt to set up a XML database administration back end. It got incredibly terse.

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bender – 6502 assembler

An assembler written in tré, so incredible things could be done with things only Lisp can provide.

Github repository

phitamine shop – PHP/MySQL shop based on the tré programming language

A shop to show off what can be done with tré's PHP back end and to proof some concepts for Caroshi. It's been split up into phitamine a toolbox for making PHP–based sites with tré as well as central services which was supposed to become a widget set for it.

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tré – metamorphic Lisp transpiler

This transpiler compiles one and the same code basis to either browser JavaScript or PHP and brings on more features than ES6 ever since.

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3D experiments on the web

Without special browser extensions ray tracing and even playing videos on 3D surfaces can be done.


16-bit multitasking OS written in C.

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A 6802 disassembler (C++) hacked together to gain control over a Coke vending machine.

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A JavaScript-free PHP app framework made back in 1999 for some German Health insurance. Model, view, controller? Dude, this was far too abstract for most back then.

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A simple PHP4 shop made in the late 1990's.

Github repository Leftovers on

Objective GUI

My first hit on (Turbo-)C++ in 1996: a graphical user interface.

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Tetrabyte Macro Assembler

Developed until 1996 this is a self–hosting x86 macro assembler for DOS that comes with quite a lot of code to access PC hardware directly.

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