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INGLE ‐ a GUI for the VIC

BASIC starter

Now that you have your VIC with Ultimem expansion attached to SD2IEC, floppy drive, tape, printer, joystick and modem, you certainly want a GUI appropriate for such a supercomputer. INGLE wants to help out right there.

It does that by providing a file manager and launcher so you can move your files around and launch games swiftly. The bitmapped display adds to the comfort by more than doubling the effective horizontal character resolution.

File browser

INGLE also lets you add files to the Flash ROM, rename or "delete" them. To actually delete files from it the Flash ROM needs to be "defragmented".

INGLE is really just a regular program, not an operating system. It can save its state and return to where it was right away on reset after launching another program. That's basically how INGLE brings on the multi‐process GUI feeling.

To be released when it survived a weekend without burning up.